Job Description


 H.S. Diploma (GED or H. S. Transcript)

Ability to follow instructions and work well with others

At least one (1) year of experience conducting classroom observations using behavioral measurement techniques and developing behavioral programs with teachers and parents.

Position Goal:  To provide technical-level assistance to the District Behavior Analyst in the assessment of and programming for behaviorally challenged children in the school or home setting.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To conduct classroom observations using standard behavioral measurement techniques which include partial interval recording and time sampling methods

To conduct classroom observations using an automated DATA Acquisition System

To conduct functional analysis of behavior under direct supervision of the Behavior Analyst

To develop behavioral programs for home and school environments under the direct supervision of the Behavioral Analyst

To develop and create appropriate behavioral materials using audio and visual media to reinforce behavioral programs (i.e. charts, tapes)

To assist in the planning and preparation for teacher training workshops

To assist in teacher training workshops under the direct supervision of the Behavior Analyst

To provide information and feedback regarding student progress to school personnel and parents To display data using Semi-logrithmic scale charts

To computer score Attention Deficit Disorder Educational Scale results

To perform other work-related duties as required by the Director of Exceptional Student Education