Job Description


Bachelor's Degree required, Master's degree preferred from an accredited educational institution.

Minimum of 5 years successful experience working with Title I Programs and/or with school improvement initiatives.

Position Goal: Provides technical assistance to East Coast member districts, subgrantees, and Title I school administrators and staffs in the development and implementation of Title I projects, with special emphasis on school improvement, adequate yearly progress, scientifically research-based best practices and instructional strategies, assessment, and family involvement.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To provide technical assistance to member districts, subgrantees and Title I schools in the planning, development, and implementation of Title I projects, with special emphasis on school improvement, instruction, technology, and family involvement programs and services.

To assist with the collection, review, analysis, and interpretation of disaggregated data necessary to assist district leaders and title I school staffs utilize this information to improve student achievement and demonstrate adequate yearly progress.

To assist with the collection and dissemination of current scientifically research-based information and resources for the improvement of Title I services in high poverty schools.

To plan, develop materials, and conduct meetings, conferences, and workshops for administrators, instructional personnel, and parents in the areas of Title I, school improvement, family involvement, adequate yearly progress, and high quality teachers and paraprofessionals.

To provide technical assistance to school and district personnel with the integration of Title I services and school improvement initiatives.

To provide guidance to Title I administrators and staff on Title I laws, regulations, and policies.

To interact on a regular basis with Title I district and school level staff on how research and data can be used to support the school improvement process and increase student achievement.

To serve as a ECTAC representative on national, state, and/or local committees, planning teams, councils, etc., and assist with the coordination of the ECTAC Parent Involvement Team.

To assist with the organization of the ECTAC resource library and the preparation of publications, such as reports, newsletters, brochures, and booklets.

To provide current information and recommendations on effective assessment and evaluation methods.

To perform other related duties as assigned.