Job Description

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Formal Education:  Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with coursework in one of the following: Business Administration, Public Administration, Geography, Economics, or a related field. ESRI Certification preferred.

Five (5) Years of professional or technical experience in GIS, planning, Computer science, or work related field. Technical related experience in operating software systems.

Must have a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Position Goal: This position is primarily responsible for the oversight and technical support to the Geographic Information System (GIS), its users and operations along with developing and maintaining GIS databases.Maintaining spftware licenses and renewal, and installation of software at administrative level. Provides assistance with the district-wide redistricting process including assembling and analyzing social, economic, student populations, and related planning data.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To utilize Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop and retrieve information for planning and reporting purposes including pupil assignment reports (e.g. attendance matrix, Curriculum Capacity Report, roll-forward, International Baccalaureate, tracking of Charter School students, Pre-K students, eligibility, street lists, school of attendance, etc.)

To troubleshoot operating problems with GIS systems.

To coordinate the maintenance, updating, and downloading of student addresses into the district’s GIS system. (Geocoding)

To ensure updates from 911 Safety Administration are properly uploaded and maintain the district’s master addresses.

To utilize geospatial data analysis, conversion, and data manipulation and editing with the district’s mapping software.

To maintain and operate the district mapping and boundary planning system.

To maintain and troubleshoot problems with the current long-range planning software.

To produce geographic maps as needed.

To monitor, collect, analyze and utilize demographic data to maintain files of proposed and existing tract developments.

To communicate with other departments and public agencies for the purpose of acquiring and the dissemination of information relating to attendance zone boundaries.

To attend meetings, that may take place outside the normal workday, paying special attention to the interrelatedness of decisions and consequences of actions on the short-term and long-term impact of the schools.

To create and publish the School Attendance Zone Boundaries Maps and Descriptions manual.

To create short and long range student growth projections by grade, by school to be used by district staff in the overall planning including capital outlay and redistricting.

To assist the Finance Department staff in the preparing of student FTE/Enrollment.

To assist in support processes for leasing of property for district facilities which include multi- year leases, easements, and right-of-ways.

To maintain up-to-date working knowledge of the state requirements for educational facilities, administrative rules, and policies relating to planning, safety, and construction standards, and plan review and approval.

To provide assistance with special projects and research information as directed.

Keep personally abreast of new developments in ESRI’s ArcGIS software, computer hardware, data creation and editing, and application of analytical techniques to improve efficiency and quality of results.

Serve as a district liaison to municipalities, the county, the developmental community, and others to review proposed growth and potential impacts on school facilities.

Assist in providing up-to-date street listings for the student information system to verify student addresses and home-zoned schools. Collect and analyze information related to short- and long term planning
school construction planning, long-range student growth, and school site selection.

Maintain a file of subdivisions and zoning applications, land use, and flood plain areas for Osceola County.

Assist in the coordination for the analysis, development and implementation of district growth management plans.

Assist with the coordination of the Educational Impact Fee Study.

Review and approve applications for educational impact fee exemptions.

Perform other work-related duties assigned by supervisor.