Job Description


Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Safety, or Business with training and experience in fire safety, OSHA regulations, mishap prevention, and risk evaluation; or AA/AS Degree with 200 hours of training in Health & Safety; or 1,000 hours of training in Health & safety; or equivalent years of related experience may be considered in lieu of a particular degree.

Two years of experience in completing comprehensive safety audits of work sites including both general industry and construction industry environments.

Hold a current Municipal Inspector certificate from the Florida Department of Insurance, State Fire    Marshall's Office.

Valid Florida Driver's License

Meet qualifications as outlined in the Florida State Requirements for Educational Facilities Chapter 4, Section 4.4(5) Fire Safety Inspector and (6) Sanitation & Casualty Safety Inspector

POSITION GOAL: This position is responsible for the management of the effort toward reducing the frequency and severity of mishaps within the District. To complete the Annual Comprehensive Safety Inspections within the prescribed time constraints. To develop solutions for the abatement of hazards and to manage their implementation.


To conduct the Annual Comprehensive Safety Inspection

To interpret and implement all administrative rules and policies regarding fire safety as they relate to minor construction projects, renovations and building modifications

To assist in resolving design and construction problem disputes and in interpretation of all applicable fire codes

To inspect portables and certify occupancy

To read and check blueprints and specifications for compliance with all applicable fire codes

To observe and inspect all work performed for quality and accuracy

To provide a minimum of two inspections of playground equipment per year

To conduct pre-season inspection of bleachers county-wide

To assist with the identification of hazards that might harm students, employees or visitors and initiate corrective measures

To assist in the investigation of mishaps and the development of abatement plans to correct physical hazards associated with the accident

To respond to emergency/special safety concerns as reported by work location staff. These issues are related to fire, casualty, or sanitation requirements

To assist in the training of employees on work safety issues prescribed by the District, OSHA, or other relevant agencies

To stay abreast of technological changes within the Safety trade

To be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of assigned vehicle

To monitor and respond to radio dispatches at all times during working hours. To perform other work-related duties as assigned by Supervisor