Job Description

Resumes submitted to:
Melissa Lucas, Energy & Utilities Coordinator
Energy Administration
809 Bill Beck Boulevard
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Formal Education:

High School Diploma or GED required.   Associates Degree in Construction Technology or Engineering preferred.

Minimum of 7 years Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing experience with 3 years supervisory experience.

Work requires only minor physical exertion and/or physical strain.    Work environment involves only infrequent exposure to disagreeable elements.

Position Goal:  To act as a liaison for the Maintenance Department with the Facility Department on contract, design and warranty issue and facilitate all MEP projects for the Maintenance Department.

Examples of Responsibilities:

Perform due diligence on capital projects by performing substantial completion assessments and warranty close-out inspections.

Implement life cycle cost analysis of existing equipment and provide comparative data for new equipment.

Maintain a cooperative relationship with all School District Departments and outside agency's pertaining to MEP installation and services.

Implement  and  maintain  the  computerized  maintenance  management  system  and  track  all  asset management information identified by site.

Assist the energy management division by performing report and query extraction and calculate the demand to power factor on the utility reporting database.

Create and maintain a cost comparative database to show relations between corrective and preventative maintenance workload.

Oversee the Building Commissioning and the Test and Balance assessments for existing facilities and provide all required information to contractors for timely submission of data.

Provide cost analysis on all MEP projects using life cycle costing methods for factoring estimated useful life of all capital assets.

Assist the Project Managers with MEP cost data, design and code standards.

Review all MEP value-engineered items.

Act as the Maintenance Department representative for all new projects inspections and walkthroughs.

Maintain accurate records of all energy and MEP data.

Assist in the preparation of the District's five (5) year Capital Renewal Plan and Design Standards.

Ensure that as-built plans are provided at the completion of all MEP projects.

Provide in-service and consulting services to all school sites as needed.

Remain current on all Florida Building Code and SREF standards.

Perform other duties as assigned