Job Description


H.S. Diploma or GED required

Three (3) years experience in general personnel work or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Secretary Typing Test (45 wpm)

Secretarial Math Test (80%)

Position Goal: This is a highly confidential position requiring specialized technical work and knowledge of principles and techniques of personnel administration, board rules, fair labor standards, personnel  and payroll policies, procedures, terminology, job content, occupational qualifications, allocations, accounting concepts, and recordkeeping. It requires a high degree of accuracy and proficiency in maintaining the staff database.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To track all instructional and professional support positions i n compliance with Board approved allocations and distribution insuring that the job code(s) assigned are accurately reflected.

To review assignments of employees to ensure required qualifications are met and properly documented.

To sign-up new instructional and professional support staff personnel and provide an orientation of benefits.

To certify, input and process to payroll and insurance all appointments, reclassifications, transfers, salary changes, rates of pay, leaves of absences, voluntary and involuntary separations.

To compile, audit and input employee data and job history in order that the electronic personnel file is a true and accurate reflection of the hard copy.

To compose and prepare correspondence as necessary.

To calculate and code all sick and annual leave accruals for new, returning and reactivated employees.

To compile and record the weekly vacancy announcements verifying them against the position control system.

To prepare and maintain lists of employee transfer requests and facility rosters.

To identify and review with the school principals/department heads discrepancies in Board approved allocations and make corrections.

To ensure job coding properly reflects the assigned master course schedule for instructional personnel.

To prepare, maintain and retrieve documents in accordance with records retention guidelines and public records law.

To assign salaries, codes and process payroll information.

To answer inquiries from all employees regarding pay grade, stat us, and years of experience.

To process experience verification of all personnel.

To prepare personnel agendas for the Board.

To monitor new employees through probationary periods.

To process temporary employment contracts for all personnel.

To perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.