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Our administrators keep our schools running smoothly through their outstanding leadership and collaboration. Whether you're an administrator at the district level or a principal or assistant principal at one of our schools, we count on all of our administrators to empower their teams through continuous growth and innovation. By constantly striving for excellence, our administrators embody the belief that every student has the potential to be successful.

We Support You Leadership Growth & Support

Our district provides ongoing support and professional development opportunities for our administrators through various programs and academies. For example, The Assistant Principal Induction Program provides relevant and role-specific support to build capacity as an instructional leader and the Preparing New Principals Academy (PNPA) provides field experience opportunities and job-embedded tasks for assistant principals aspiring to grow within our county. In addition, the Executive Leadership Development professional learning is provided to district leaders and principals, allowing them to engage in cohort-based learning with other leaders throughout Florida to further enhance their leadership skills.

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