Job Description


H.S. Diploma (GED or H. S. Transcript)

Clerical Aide Typing Test (35 WPM)

Calculator Proficiency Test (80%)

Bookkeeping Test (80%)

CRT workshop or equivalency (Inservice component)

One course post H.S. Accounting (One complete year of experience may be substituted – “course” means one trimester in Adult Education or one semester at the college level).

Three Complete Years of Related Experience (as of Anniversary date) and/or educational equivalency (related college education may be substituted for experience on a year-to-year basis).

Position Goal:  This position is responsible for clerical and bookkeeping work in the examination, analysis, and verification of high school fiscal records. Job assignments involve maintenance of bookkeeping controls of funds dispersed or received and preparation of such financial data as may be required for effective management of the internal fiscal affairs of the school. Job responsibilities require the exercise of independent judgment in solving problems that arise within assigned work areas.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To perform bookkeeping functions of internal accounts and/or budget controls, reconciling bank statements, transmitting and encumbering funds.

To issue all official school office receipts, prepare all bank deposits and withdrawals, and execute all checks for payment of all school bills.

To compile requests for supplies, order as needed, and distribute when received.

To make monthly budget and other internal account reports and to account for all monies and financial transactions within the school.

To serve as advisor to Principal on accounting procedures.

To prepare work orders as directed by Principal and Head Custodian for repairs to buildings and equipment.

To serve as the contact person for the Property Records Technician, to maintain property record inventory and to prepare annual inventory.

To assist the Principal in the preparation of the school budget.

To perform other work-related duties as assigned by Supervisor.