Job Description


Formal Education:

High School Diploma or GED and Certification from an accredited technical school.

Five (5) years experience controls/building automation systems experience or related area.

Must have a valid Florida Driver’s License.

Position Goal: This position is responsible for programming and managing software programs for building automation systems. This includes planning, designing, installing, configuring, maintain, and optimizing all building automation systems while ensuring optimal building comfort levels and maximum lighting efficiencies.

Examples of Responsibilities:

Monitors all facilities design and construction activities related to Energy Management.

Analyze complex control sequences and resulting operations.

Develops innovations that solve difficult technical issues.

Knowledge of heat transfer and fluid flow and the application of mechanical devices used for delivery of ventilation, chilled water, hot water and humidification.

Estimates time and material costs for proposed work.

Maintains records, files and all control systems database programs.

Trains and instructs employees in new methods and procedures.

Coordinates with suppliers, contractors, engineers and others concerning equipment maintenance and operations.

Monitor progress and work towards accomplishing departmental productivity goals.

Maintains correct stock levels of repair or replacement parts.

Inspects contracted work to ensure its completion within assigned time limits and for acceptable quality standards.

Ensures that Energy Management operations are supportive of the instructional goals of the District.

Analyze energy management savings report to ensure accuracy in reporting data.

Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor.