Job Description

Position Goal: This position is involved in planning, implementing, overseeing, and evaluating the full Law Enforcement Officer program and all related classes and training activities for the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola at Osceola Technical College/

Examples of Responsibilities:

To supervise and evaluate the operations of the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola so that the Academy meets or exceeds all professional practices as established by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Council on Occupation Education, The Florida Department of Education, and the School District of Osceola County.

To serve as the primary liaison between Osceola Technical College and the Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees.

To facilitate and ensure proper operation of all Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees meetings.

To collaborate with law enforcement agencies, businesses, organizations, etc. to determine types of training and instruction needed for students and the surrounding community.

To secure and assist in contracting and evaluating teachers for the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola.

To create, organize, disseminate, maintain, acquire, oversee, and/or adjust Academy schedules, supplies, materials and equipment.

To develop program fees annually in collaboration with school administration.

To assist in collecting data for the preparation of FTE reports.

To ensure timely completion and submission of FTE reports.

To facilitate communication between the CJAO, its teachers, and local agencies.

To assist in the student application process to vet candidates for enrollment.

To maintain active membership in the Florida Criminal Justice Training Center Director’s Association.

To attend workshops and conferences (Locally and beyond) pertinent to the Academy and program operations.

To work collaboratively with Osceola Technical College administration on the creation and utilization of the Academy budget.

To work collaboratively with Osceola Technical College administration and the CJAO Lead Training Coordinator to ensure appropriate dissemination of Trust Fund dollars.

To ensure proper upkeep of training tools and facilities.

To develop/acquire, maintain, evaluate, and adjust competency-based curriculum by course and program when needed.

To assist in the preparation of and to participate in special events.

To perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by Supervisor.


Masters Degree or Higher (Course work must include Criminal Justice classes).

Minimum of seven (7) years’ experience in law enforcement.