Job Description

 **Must Meet No Child Left Behind Act Requirement:

From an Accredited College – Associate or Higher Degree or 60 Semester Hours

or Passing Score of 464 or higher on Paraprofessional Test

Position Goal: Perform a variety of instructional tasks and clerical duties in classroom to assist teaching staff with education of school students.

Examples of Responsibilities:

Assist students with work. Read to children and work with students on small group activities. Evaluate students.

Assist teacher with lessons. Perform teacher's duties in classroom when teacher not present.

Monitor and grade student homework. Assist teacher with assigning homework.

Supervise students at recess at lunch, in hallways and on field trips.

Accompany students to and from bus, to classrooms to nurse's office and for parent pick-up.  Direct children at crossing areas.

Make copies to assist teacher with lesson plans/daily projects. Prepare visual aids.

Provide clerical support including filing, recording grades, typing, sorting and distributing mail, running errands, etc.

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Work requires occasional physical exertion and or muscular strain. Work involves several disagreeable elements and or exposure to job hazards where there is some possibility of injury.