Job Description


High School diploma or equivalent

Three (3) years experience in pest control

Valid Florida Drivers License

Licensed in interior and exterior pest control as required by the Department of Agiculture

Physically fit for the demands of the job

Knowledge and understanding of Chapter 482 Florida Statutes (Short Title "Pest Control Act")

Knowledge and understanding of Pest Control equipment

Familiar with the use of Respiratory Protection

POSITION GOAL: This position is responsible for providing and maintaining an efficient district-wide pest control program.


To be responsible for all required operational, safety and maintenance checks for assigned vehicles, tools and equipment.

To stay abreast of technological changes within the Pest Control trade.

To ensure accountability of bench stock material authorized to be carried on assigned vehicles.

To assess job tasks and do material take off and procurement tasks as necessary.

To provide quality control inspections on completed work and ensure compliance with applicable codes.

To be responsible for the proper care and maintenance of assigned vehicle.

To be responsible for safe handling of all pesticides.

To be responsible for proper notification of any pesticide sensitive persons before spraying.

To be responsible for proper notification of termite infestations.

To be responsible for inspections related to pest control to ensure that established programs remain effective.

To be responsible for establishing a pest control prevention spray schedule for all district owned and leased facilities.

To be responsible for maintaining pesticide application records for a minimum of two (2) years.

To perform other work-related duties as assigned by Supervisor.