Job Description


Journeyman's license required.

High school diploma or equivalent required.

Four (4) years experience in the plumbing trade.

Physically fit to perform job tasks.

Valid Florida Driver's License required.

Must supply personal hand tools required to do job in a professional manner.

Position Goal: This position is responsible for the trouble shooting, installation, maintenance and· repair of plumbing systems from oral instructions, observation and/or blueprints. This position also requires familiarity with all local codes and ordinances pertaining to plumbing.

Examples of Responsibilities:

To be responsible for all required operational, safety and maintenance checks for assigned vehicles, tools and equipment

To stay abreast of technological changes within the plumbing trade

To ensure accountability of bench stock material authorized to be carried on assigned vehicles

To assess job tasks and do material take off and procurement tasks as necessary

To provide quality control inspections on completed work and ensure compliance with applicable codes

To assist in the moving and set up of relocatable classrooms

To make general repairs to existing installations of water, drainage, waste and vent systems

To replace, clean and repair flush valves and faucets

To remove stoppage from sewer lines

To cut and thread pipe

To make layouts and schedules of plumbing work

To inspect sanitary and other plumbing installations for repairs

To assume the duties of the Plumbing Section Chief/Driver when assigned

Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.